Happy Pet – Happy You Consults:
30 Minutes

Our pets mean everything to us. When something happens to disturb the close bond we have with our pets, we all suffer.

Sometimes, something happens with the pet:

  • illness
  • stress or trauma
  • new pet or person in the household – or the loss of a pet/family member
  • sudden behavior change
  • bad habits
  • moving or traveling

Sometimes something happens with the owner:

  • job loss
  • illness
  • money stress
  • death, divorce
  • addition to the family – new pet, child, spouse, grandparent
  • addictions
  • bad habits
  • moving

Schedule a complimentary Happy Pet, Happy You 30 minute consult

Whatever the disturbance is, it can affect the health and happiness of both pet and family. I can help. I can help sort out the different factors and help you, the owner, find a path to resolution that works for all concerned.

To see if your needs and my expertise are a fit, schedule a no-obligation, no-cost consultation.

Once you have scheduled a time, I will ask a few questions so we can make the best use of our 30 minutes. Thank you and I am looking forward to speaking with you.

Donna Kuck DVM
Donna Kuck Health Coach