• Gaining balance in your life
  • Reduce and manage anxiety
  • Get to the root cause of bad habits and eliminate them
  • Manage chronic issues such as pain, allergies
  • Food, nutrition and their impact on the immune system
  • Create positive habits and changes in lifestyle, especially if mandated by your physician

Do you sometimes feel like your life is out of control? You know what you SHOULD be doing for your health, fitness, nutrition and inner peace but just cannot stick with a plan? But life occurs like a juggling act and there is always something more urgent that keeps you from taking care of yourself?

A Health Coach can help you craft a balanced lifestyle and sort out the conflicting demands on your limited time. Focusing on a few key factors instead of trying to do it all at once can ultimately gain you more ground health wise than trying to juggle it all and trying to be everything to everyone whether it is work, school, spouse, children, parents or pets.

Good health and a fulfilling, balanced lifestyle are a JOURNEY. Life is always changing and calls upon us to be flexible and ever adapting. Healthy people are resilient and have good energy and stamina to meet the needs of an ever shifting, ever changing world. It is hard to do it all on your own. Even coaches require coaches. Who is your COACH for a balanced, healthy and fulfilling life?

I offer a complimentary 30 minute Health and Happiness Consult to see how working with me might have a powerful, positive impact on the health and happiness of you, your family and your pet.